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Vleikop Agricultural Project

The first and main goal for the Agricultural Project is to provide healthy and organic sustenance for the Orphans and vulnerable children that Carryou supports, as well as sustaining the farmer, his family and workers.

Thereafter the extra produce generated by the project will be sold to local community members, tuck shop owners and local fruit and vegetable shops, from whom Carryou has already have obtained letters of intent.

Preparation of the soil

At this stage the soil at this stage is very sandy and friable and does not hold the plants well and much of the crop is developing poorly.  The soil lacks nutrients and organic matter and biological agents such as earthworms.  All areas of the plot that are in intended for arable use should be improved by means of Biochar, organic compost, pelletized poultry manure, other animal manures, compost activator and blood and bone, mycorrhizal fungi mycelium or mycorrhizal fungi spores and kitchen waste, straw/hay, wood chips and leafy matter. The more nutrients added the better.

Establishment of additional tunnels for continued small-scale vegetable faming is required and seedlings should also be planted in the field. A tree line needs to be established to act as a wind break and can also provide food by means of fruit trees and vines. This will also provide shady areas where plants that need shelter from the direct sunlight can be planted. The ground should also be de-bushed and prepared for planting a small field to start with.

Planting out of seedlings and maintenance of vegetable crops in tunnels and planting of first section of field is part of the ongoing development.